Jacquie & Chris

JCBlog001 JCBlog002 JCBlog003 JCBlog005 JCBlog006 JCBlog007 JCBlog004 JCBlog008 JCBlog009 JCBlog010 JCBlog011 JCBlog012 JCBlog013 JCBlog014 JCBlog015 JCBlog016 JCBlog017 JCBlog018 JCBlog019 JCBlog020 JCBlog021 JCBlog022 JCBlog023 JCBlog024 JCBlog025 JCBlog026 JCBlog027 JCBlog028 JCBlog029 JCBlog030 JCBlog031 JCBlog032 JCBlog033 JCBlog034 JCBlog035 JCBlog036 JCBlog037 JCBlog038 JCBlog039 JCBlog040 JCBlog041 JCBlog042 JCBlog043 JCBlog044 JCBlog045 JCBlog046 JCBlog047 JCBlog048 JCBlog049 JCBlog050 JCBlog051 JCBlog052 JCBlog053 JCBlog054 JCBlog055 JCBlog056 JCBlog057 JCBlog058 JCBlog059 JCBlog060 JCBlog061 JCBlog062 JCBlog063 JCBlog064 JCBlog065 JCBlog066 JCBlog067 JCBlog068 JCBlog069 JCBlog070 JCBlog071 JCBlog072 JCBlog073 JCBlog074 JCBlog075 JCBlog076 JCBlog077 JCBlog078 JCBlog079 JCBlog080 JCBlog081 Hallo!  We have made our way through Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, Itay and Germany and just wanted to say sorry for the silence!  We prepared this gorgeous little post before we left Sydney and thought there would be many an evening to knuckle down and get a little work done while the kids met their early bedtime routines.  Safe to say, the kids have never had an early bedtime and more often than not, the energy required to travel with two kids means we climb into bed with them and most likely fall asleep before they do! In any case, I have a little moment of quiet while the kids take an afternoon little snooze in the car with the hubby so I’m taking the opportunity to share these special pictures from my gorgeous high school friend’s wedding.  Jacquie and Chris wed on their parents estate in the Hunter and the place could not be more perfect.  It was the perfect venue – a space to rest, wed, explore, chillax, enjoy a bonfire, and a beautiful celebration beneath the moonbeams.  Hope you guys love these memories as much as we do!  Much love, xoxoxoxooxo

Banjo & Matilda


Love that my days include hanging out with sweet families for an afternoon, getting cuddles from little bubs and secretly hoping my two boys grow up to be as kind-mannered as this oh-so-grown-up seven year old here.  Not to mention secretly coveting the various Banjo & Matilda pieces around the house, a luxurious cashmere label owned by Belynda and her husband Ben. Thanks to The Grace Tales for letting me tell this lovely little tale, and to the Macpherson family for having me around!  xo

Last week’s workshop

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As May drew to a close, Ronnie and I were again in action sharing our skills and passion with a group of wonderful attendees, some of whom took a plane trip just to be with us, and one all the way from Hong Kong!  We were so happy to have you all around and it was lots of fun to hang out and share our experiences together on a warm winter’s day.  No matter how many times we do this workshop, I am always reminded of why we created this in the first place and am encouraged to continue along in this photography and memory keeping journey for myself and my family, and not just for the clients who have asked me to do this for them.  Since the workshop we’ve already designed and ordered another two books to add to the collection for our family so hopefully Ronnie you’ll be proud to hear that haha!

Anyways, a huge thanks to our sponsors for filling up our goodie bags with so much eye candy: Artifact Uprising and Origrami for kick-starting our memory keeping orders, Luke Avenue for these insanely delicious cookiesThe Seventh Duchess and Kettletown for delightful tea samples, White Horse Home for those deliciously scented candles,  An April Idea for sticker sets that re-ignited my childhood love for those pretty thingsBondi Wash for your beautiful native Australian productsand  Blank Goods for your ever brilliant craft supplies. Thanks also to Studio Neon for feeding us all the amazing food and allowing us to use their awesome space, and to Boda Flora for the stunning flowers. Everything came together so beautifully, and we couldn’t have been happier!

Thank you also to the wonderful Walsham family for being models for our live shoot, we certainly had a blast and hope you guys did too.  Much love! xo

Natalie Marie Jewellery

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We photographed Natalie and Dan’s wedding late last year and when she dropped us a line to see if we could document and at home session of her and her man at work, we jumped at the chance.  Natalie is one talented lady.  She is the heart and mind behind Natalie Marie Jewellery and her handmade pieces are just perfect.  I’ll let you check it out for yourselves to see what I mean….and do stay tuned for the launch of her new collection coming soon!

What I really loved about this shoot was seeing what handcrafted really means.  For Natalie, it’s definitely not just a word used to make something sound a bit more personal.  Each piece was loving cut, shaped, soldered, polished, set, refined and created (I know that’s probably all out of order), but you get the point.  So much in today’s society just appears out of nowhere, and en masse.  It was so good to see the thoughtful nature of this process in practice, and made me treasure the little piece I purchased for myself even more.

Joel also came by and made a little intro film, check it out here.

Thanks so much for having us around and good luck with the launch of the new collection!

Much love, T&J x

Ray & Anita


It’s always such a privilege to be able to photograph sweet love, and a little more so when this love has taken a flight in to meet you.  Ray and Anita, thank you so much for spending an afternoon in the brisky Autumn air together with me, and creating these sweet memories.  Every year my mind is always blown by the sheer beauty of the changing season, and this colourful one is definitely a visual favourite.

In other news, our little family will be fleeing this chilly winter soon for warmer times in Singapore, Malaysia and Europe.  We have some lovely families to meet over there, a dear friend’s wedding to photograph, and lots of friends to catch up with!  Can’t wait…..we will hopefully keep this blog updated a little more as a result so stay close.  Much love!! xoxoxo