Candise & Troy

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Backtracking a little to the first wedding we shot this year.  A wonderful start to the season with this laid-back couple, tightly embraced by their family and friends, and a love that already journeyed through much.  It was such a fun celebration and we were thankful to be a part of it. This wedding was also featured this week on The Lane.  

Tammy & Yosuke

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I don’t quite have the words for this wedding.  Being able to photograph the wedding of dear friends you have known for years is truly something special.  Not to mention to creative forces that these two are and their intent on hosting such a laid-back, sincere affair that perfectly reflected who they are as individuals and as a couple.  Thank you so much for having us, for spoiling us, and for making it an adventure like the way you guys see life.  Much love for the next chapter in the story of Tammy and Yos!  Love you!!! xoxoxo

Kate & Greg

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Book lovers, self confessed nerds and high school sweethearts.  These two tied the knot in the fairytale venue that was Bendooley Estate and we couldn’t have been happier to witness the occasion and be part of their extended family for a day.  So many funny stories are told when your parents were teachers at the school you fell in love, when all your friends seem to have known you for forever, and when the love you share is something totally worth throwing a party about xo

Captain Samuel

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Samuel is a six-year-old from Queensland who is currently undergoing treatment for a tumour in his kidneys. Thanks to the many volunteers that represent Make-a-Wish Australia and QANTAS Foundation, his wish to become a pilot came true for a memorable day where he and his family flew to Sydney where Sam flew his first flight (in the simulator) from Sydney to Honolulu. It was a fantastic day and I felt so privileged to be surrounded by generous and warm-spirited people.

For most of the day, Captain Samuel was treated like a VIP. Just like you’d imagine, he walked through Sydney airport with some fanfare, flanked by his team of co-pilots and air stewardesses. As part of the tour, we travelled on a bus to see the gigantic A380. Our bus, full with Samuel’s team and a few of the media crew, pulls up to the gates of the hangar. A security guard boards our bus to check that each of us have our security passes. Excitedly someone announces “We’re here with Captain Samuel!”. The security guard didn’t get the memo about Captain Samuel and called his supervisor, given we didn’t quite have all the required documents. A few moments later, his supervisor arrives and verifies that everything is ok. The security guard apologises for the hold up and immediately one of the air stewardesses says, very sincerely, “No, thank you for doing a really good job.” Of all the moments I witnessed in a day filled with sincerity and respect for one another, that’s one that stuck with me.

Lens & Layout {workshop}

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Wow.  2014 has flown by faster than I can quite record, but I’m so glad this workshop has already been a part of it.  I want to say the biggest of thank yous to super ladies Jaclyn (Blog Society) and Ronnie (Pink Ronnie) who were instrumental in making it happen.  So honoured to be working alongside you guys with this gorgeous and upbeat workshop, the perfect balance of working/learning and play.

We also had such a wonderful bunch of students who came with open minds and such eagerness to learn.  My photography sessions were focused on hands on teaching (and what fun we had!), whilst Ronnie knocked some socks off (ha!) with her amazing design ability, her attention to the little things that really are the big things, and spoilt us all with amazing templates from which to experiment and continue learning from in the weeks to come.

I’d also like to thank our sponsors for their generous support of their workshop and I loved how practical and pretty our goodie bag contents were (important, no?)!  So here’s  a big shout out to Timbermill RentalsBondi Wash, Aesop, Gorman, Gascoigne & King, migoals, antipodes, TOM organic, kettletown, and the collective.  A special thank you to Mei studio for our styled terrariums and florals, and also to Otho’s Table who kept us so well fed throughout the day.  If you’re thinking of some styled catering for an intimate event, she’s the one to call.  Phew!  What a list of superstars!

I was quite blown away by the talent we had at this workshop and can’t wait to see each one of you continue to sharpen your skills and bring some new energy and style to your creative outlets.  Thank you all so much for coming, we loved having you!