Francesca & Angus

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A couple of weeks ago I came home from a shoot riding on a high after I photographed this beautiful couple, a sweetheart shoot to celebrate their five years.  Fran and I had organised this together and as we neared the end of the shoot, her man Angus turned to ask me if he could read a letter to her.  My head was exploding….essentially because I figured he was just about to propose and there’s nothing like that to catch not only your beautiful lady but also your photographer by complete surprise! Words can’t explain how amazing it was to witness and I was so glad I could capture that special moment.

Fran had requested specifically for film on this shoot and I was so glad I had decided to also bring my husband’s film camera which we had only recently purchased as an extra body for the day.  My heart dropped as I made the absolute rookie mistake of assuming an auto wind-back on the roll and opened the back to expose that precious film.  I had no words and couldn’t bring myself to tell those sweethearts while they were still celebrating their anniversary in the instance that something could be salvaged.  This morning the film came back and I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see those engagement frames up there, accidentally light-leaked and all, but there all the same.  So no, I haven’t suddenly changed my style and edited a little more creatively than usual.  It was an honest mistake that I know will never happen again….don’t think I could go through that stress again.

Angus and Fran, I couldn’t be happier for you two and so sorry I kinda screwed up.  I hope you still love these as much as I do – T. xoxoxox


For the love.

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Those two.  They drive us a little crazy yet they make life bigger and brighter than it’s ever been.  We took them to the other side of the world over winter and we’re still not really sure why. Sure, we had some perfect moments chilling out by Lake Como or finding refuge on a sweltering day on Brighton Beach and we know these memories will be precious ones.  But equally precious are all the in between moments – having outdoor baths in plastic tubs in the sticky Malaysian heat; late night after late night in our little London apartment as the sun refused to go down; jumping from bed to bed at our Uncle’s house in Singapore. These are all the moments that reflect the reality of our family – some beautiful, some trying – but all in all, as time passes – they become precious memories.

We’re so privileged that people trust us to help capture some of these memories for their families. But we all know little people are unpredictable and real life is never scripted.  Through the years, we’ve had so many friends and fellow mums and dads mention in passing that they’ve bought or received a great camera but they don’t really know how to use it.  Others have asked what course they should sign up to and most of the time we scratch our heads and suggest they teach themselves by putting themselves in the deep end and switching the camera over to manual mode to get a grasp of how it works.  I guess this is the main reason we have decided to tailor a five week ONLINE photography course to those who not only want to take control of their camera, but to begin to equip them to start telling the in-between stories that make up our lives.  It’s all a bit new for us but if you think this is the course for you, we’d love to have you join us next month!  More info and how to sign up to our Visual Storytelling course can be found over on our Life:Captured website!  We’re also launching a bit of a sweet giveaway on instagram and facebook today too so do stay tuned for the details (sneak peek below)!!!

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#slowlivingseptember….and a little something new.

It’s been a long while in between posts, and even longer since I’ve written anything on the personal front so I do hope you’ll excuse me.  I’m not sure where the time went but in between travelling with our family through the month of July (and I guess requiring the month of August to recover), I found myself enjoying the month of September and all it’s new beginnings in a different light.  I’ve told myself for a while now to stop trying to fill life with busy-ness and to slow down, but the problem was that I wasn’t quite sure how to.  People asked me what my hobbies were and I didn’t really have an answer.  I truly love my work and would gladly pour myself into it each and every day, but in doing so would feel guilty for not spending those moments with my boys or taking the time to really appreciate all that we have been blessed with as a family in this place we are in.

So September came, and suddenly I found myself taking the time to be slow, in a good kind of way.  In part due to spending some time in Switzerland with a beautiful family who lived thoughtfully and I guess that rubbed of on me.  I began taking a proper interest in experimenting in the kitchen, baked bread from scratch, and accumulated umpteen glass jars for various purposes.  I have now successfully kept sourdough starter alive, made a couple of yummy kombucha batches, and tried (and failed) at yoghurt which is supposed to be easy but I’ll try that again sometime soon with a bit more patience.  I also spontaneously signed up for a wonderful slow living workshop in Melbourne which was all about styling and photography revolving around the idea of living the life behind the aesthetic.  It turned out to be the kind of creative refresher I needed, and confirmed all the more that my true love is photographing people and relationships, and finding beauty in the everyday.

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Joel and I also celebrated our seventh anniversary this week and we snuck away from the kiddos and camped together for the first time out in Royal National Park.  The unexpected hike was a bit of an adventure (you know he loves you when he runs back halfway to trade your pretty sandals for the hiking shoes you left in the car because you thought they weren’t necessary), the evening stars beyond perfection, and the morning ocean breeze the sweetest thing to wake up to.  We are already planning our next camping trip with our little guys this summer!

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So it’s a been a bit of an indulgent journal-like ramble so far but I did have something I wanted to share in terms of new beginnings.  My beautiful friend Ronnie has been working like crazy behind the scenes to bring to you the next stage in our Life:Captured adventure and we now have  a brand new site with lots and lots of goodies, including design templates, and announcements about our new online classes and upcoming workshops.  Joel and I will be running these together, and we are excited about all the new relationships we will be making through this online community.  We would love for you to check it out – Life:Captured Inc, and ever grateful if you could share it with anyone you might think would be interested in travelling this memory keeping journey with us!!  You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with any new announcements and giveaways! Thank you all so much for your kindness and support to this date, we really wouldn’t be here now without you.


Happy almost end of September! Can’t believe we are heading into the last quarter of the year, let’s make these moments count with the ones we love! xo


Jacquie & Chris

JCBlog001 JCBlog002 JCBlog003 JCBlog005 JCBlog006 JCBlog007 JCBlog004 JCBlog008 JCBlog009 JCBlog010 JCBlog011 JCBlog012 JCBlog013 JCBlog014 JCBlog015 JCBlog016 JCBlog017 JCBlog018 JCBlog019 JCBlog020 JCBlog021 JCBlog022 JCBlog023 JCBlog024 JCBlog025 JCBlog026 JCBlog027 JCBlog028 JCBlog029 JCBlog030 JCBlog031 JCBlog032 JCBlog033 JCBlog034 JCBlog035 JCBlog036 JCBlog037 JCBlog038 JCBlog039 JCBlog040 JCBlog041 JCBlog042 JCBlog043 JCBlog044 JCBlog045 JCBlog046 JCBlog047 JCBlog048 JCBlog049 JCBlog050 JCBlog051 JCBlog052 JCBlog053 JCBlog054 JCBlog055 JCBlog056 JCBlog057 JCBlog058 JCBlog059 JCBlog060 JCBlog061 JCBlog062 JCBlog063 JCBlog064 JCBlog065 JCBlog066 JCBlog067 JCBlog068 JCBlog069 JCBlog070 JCBlog071 JCBlog072 JCBlog073 JCBlog074 JCBlog075 JCBlog076 JCBlog077 JCBlog078 JCBlog079 JCBlog080 JCBlog081 Hallo!  We have made our way through Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, Itay and Germany and just wanted to say sorry for the silence!  We prepared this gorgeous little post before we left Sydney and thought there would be many an evening to knuckle down and get a little work done while the kids met their early bedtime routines.  Safe to say, the kids have never had an early bedtime and more often than not, the energy required to travel with two kids means we climb into bed with them and most likely fall asleep before they do! In any case, I have a little moment of quiet while the kids take an afternoon little snooze in the car with the hubby so I’m taking the opportunity to share these special pictures from my gorgeous high school friend’s wedding.  Jacquie and Chris wed on their parents estate in the Hunter and the place could not be more perfect.  It was the perfect venue – a space to rest, wed, explore, chillax, enjoy a bonfire, and a beautiful celebration beneath the moonbeams.  Hope you guys love these memories as much as we do!  Much love, xoxoxoxooxo