January Photo-A-Day 2015 // Day Twenty-Nine


They are growing before my eyes today. I drew a hopscotch on the floor and they wrote their names in chalk by the side. Well, Luke’s is rather artful and Jesse does his number plate style (“J-E-5-5-E”) but they are little milestones all the same. The weather was perfect today so we ate dinner together as a family in our outdoor area and I relaxed about the proximity of the pool which normally has me all anxious. The golden evening seemed too good to waste so we walked all the way to the shops for dessert which we’ve never done before without the pram and the boys literally ran all the way, up the hills and all. Yup. My babies are all big now.

January Photo-A-Day 2015 // Day Twenty-Eight


I still don’t know the rules of cricket, or what the scores really mean. But I think my little guys playing with a miniature cricket set is super cute. Best activity on a rainy day….too bad it only lasted all of three seconds before someone ran away with the ball and they chased each other through the house and it was all over.

January Photo-A-Day 2015 // Day Twenty-Seven


About a year ago, I remember thinking the rain would never end and bedtime would never come so I came up with the bright idea of declaring it a bubble bath afternoon. We had no bubbles for our bath so I packed the two kids in the car to buy that one item from our local and it improved our afternoon tenfold. Ever since then, rainy days (and rainy days only) have been declared bubble bath days and the novelty doesn’t seem to be wearing off anytime soon. Yippee!!!

January Photo-A-Day 2015 // Day Twenty-Five


Our little guy. His untamed locks suit him perfectly, forever wild and free, and just that bit magical. When it’s super hot he lets me tie it up into a little curly pony tail and he grins because it looks like mine. We had a long weekend pool party today and they stayed in the water for hours on end, making new friends, and loving the sunshine and the company. Then we found little Luke asleep in his cot later that night, having put himself to sleep with limbs everywhere after stripping down into all his naked glory to find a little comfort in the summer heat.

January Photo-A-Day 2015 // Day Twenty-Four


Nothing like a little person using a pocket-sized wooden block as a phone that never leaves his side all day as a reminder that maybe the adults around need to leave theirs alone sometime. Jesse has been calling his grandma and grandpa on his bright yellow phone, receiving messages, and even falling asleep with it in bed. Uh oh.