January Photo-A-Day 2015 // Day Twenty-Four


Nothing like a little person using a pocket-sized wooden block as a phone that never leaves his side all day as a reminder that maybe the adults around need to leave theirs alone sometime. Jesse has been calling his grandma and grandpa on his bright yellow phone, receiving messages, and even falling asleep with it in bed. Uh oh.

January Photo-A-Day 2015 // Day Twenty-Three


Luke’s never been too fond of eating, seems like there’s always something better to do. Oh, unless it’s snacking on something not so healthy, there’s another tummy for that (just like his mama). Grateful for the extra pair of hands and the little voice that said “You need to eat to get strong didi! Want me to feed you?” And just like that….a few more mouthfuls were swallowed before I had time to get frustrated. Love when big brother does helpful big brotherly things!

January Photo-A-Day 2015 // Day Twenty-Two


So. This happened today. The boys knew we had an appointment with the doctor and they were rather excited at the prospect of what might be in mummy’s tummy but we hadn’t prepped them much beyond that. We thought it might be easier if they could take a look themselves. We listened to the heartbeat and when asked if it was a train in mummy’s tummy Luke replied with a resounding YES! Jesse was a little more clued in and exclaimed “it’s a BABY!!” 13 weeks little, but a baby all the same.

I can’t even begin to express the emotions I have felt and am not letting myself feel just yet about our family expanding to five. For now, I’m glad all is well and I am slowly escaping the feelings of sickness and perpetual sleepiness. The best part was Jesse asking if the baby was still there before bed tonight, and saying goodnight to it with a little pat and a wave.

January Photo-A-Day 2015 // Day Twenty-One


I’d been commenting about how gigantic our broccoli plants were yet not showing any sign of actual broccoli. Yesterday, I asked him to pick some tomatoes from the garden for our dinner and he brought back five for me to cook with (after chomping on three on the way). Today while I was preparing dinner he excitedly runs in to grab my hand and dragged me into the garden insisting he needed to ‘show me something’, proudly pointed to the green bulb with such excitement that it had grown so big. I love that Joel took the time to work the hedges out of the garden when we first moved in and that it now grows things we can enjoy as a family. Now just hoping we all grow a little greener, and greener-thumbed with age!

January Photo-A-Day 2015 // Day Twenty


We should have dedicated a little wall panel to recording their ever-increasing heights by now but for some reason we never got round to it. I felt a mix of regret and comfort when I saw that my parents had actually been doing it on a wall in my childhood home and that made me smile. So for now, I will remember their fleeting littleness with images like these. Not being able to reach, and then with ease….lift buttons, light switches, door locks, second door locks….the list goes on. Nothing is safe from these little hands and we remember that slow are the days, but speedy the months and years that roll by.