Rebecca & Nathan: Beloved!

Ever since I photographed Bec and Nathan’s registry wedding a handful of months ago I had been looking forward to their marriage celebrations which promised to be a sweet and cozy affair infused with their love for indie, etsy, and plenty of DIY love. One step into their hotel room where they were getting ready and my eyes feasted upon buckets and buckets of market flowers, their floral aroma mixed in with rosemary from the many sprigs lying around, and so many pretty colours and details all round!

Bec confessed she had no idea what she was doing when she made those boutonnieres but I thought she did a pretty good job..frosted leaves, red pepper berries, and grey velvet make a perfect combo!

Love the shot below, taken by Joel, pretty much straight out of camera :)

Off for a quick photoshoot before they had to get their dinner venue all prettied up…

Even though it was fairly early in the day the light was real pretty….I love autumn, and I love the colour palette below! Well done with all the bouquets Eleanor!

Bec’s dress was from Etsy, and the feather accessory piece was a later addition and it worked so well!!!

The girls just hanging while Nathan scooted off to fetch a van full of flowers!

Held at Le Pain Quotidien in Surry Hills with the closest of family and friends, it was such a warm and intimate little celebration, and so fun to be a part of!

This little boy became the photo waiter, delivering the retro photobooth strips as soon as they were despatched from the machine and matching them to their rightful owners!

More etsy awesomeness, beautifully personalised invites!

Loved the Proven├žal feel, flowers galore and warm stained walls!

A simple night of good wine, good food, good company, surrounding a couple in love and the witnessing of their renewal of wedding vows…

Thank YOU Rebecca and Nathan! Thank you for my apple jam and rosemary sprigs, and such warm memories of a wonderful night of celebration with you both. Thank you for giving us the privilege to capture your evening, made with love! xx


shelvia /

u take such lovely pictures ;) love the tone…

Christina Cleary Makeup Artist /

Gorgeous photographs Trish. Your day was absolutely beautiful Bec & Nathan. Thank you for letting me be part of it! xxx

Jasmin /

Love, love, love. Doesn’t look like Sydney at all.

Emily /

What a beautiful wedding and sweet couple!

Linda Truong /


caspix /

so so pretty, the colours make me swoon completely

Vivien /

Wowwww you’re getting better and better Trish! great work, this post is edited beautifully – the more wedding photographer blogs I see, the more I appreciate your editing (which is as elegant as your photo-taking ;) xxx
I love the shot by Joel as well, as well as the one of the bespectacled bridesmaid (+ the flowers to the left of her) because it’s so unique. also love the one of the couple above the shot of the groom’s shoes, and the one where they’re both looking very directly into the camera – the gaze is quite different, more restrained than most bride/groom gazes, it’s cool. and the one of the little boy curled up asleep cracks me up!! was he really sleeping!? what a cutie! must have been dreaming of candy haahah

Joel /

hahaha…little boy was just playing! he was wide awake sitting up on the floor trying to get my attention, and then he went to “sleep”! He was such a cutie!

rebecca /

joel, little nathan is sooo cute, hope you guys got some more pics of him that night!
you both did such an amazing job, thank you so much. xx

Sandy /

It was a beautiful evening, thank you for capturing it so perfectly!

Annette /

I love this assembly of shots. Lovely backgrounds and perspectives, colour blends between the flowers and other items. Great moments captured for looking back on, showing Nathan and Rebecca happily in love. Looking forward to more.

Di /

La Pain would have been a gorgeous reception venue!!
Trish these photos are amazing. You are amazing!

Emily /

one of my favourite sets!

trish /

Thank you everybody for your beautiful comments!! Definitely the kind of wedding that was heartfelt and inspires….I was very lucky to shoot it :)