Leo & Elena: London!

After Paris, my mum and I found our way to London and I spent most of my time cozied up on our sofa bed at my uncle’s place, speed reading my way through the Twilight series to the sound of London rain. In between the rain-reading sessions, we had heaps of fun catching up with family, hanging out with my awesome cousins, and catching up with old friends and acquaintances who were round. I also came to the conclusion that I really really like London, partly coz there are so many wonderful people there!

I met Leo and Elena again, this time I flagged them down at the corner of a tube stop, jumped into the tiniest car I had ever seen and we drove happily all the way to a place called Kent. They told me ‘I think it’s the kinda thing you’ll like Trish’…and spot on they were, that place is stunning!

On the quiet sunday morning which followed, we just walked the streets of London, close to where they lived. It was fun revisiting favourite places, little hangouts, trying yummy pastries, and enjoying the relaxed quiet of the neighbourhood.

See you in Sydney soon!! xx


Viv /

ooo i loooove kent, so much moving foliage.. dreamy.. haha

trish /

Thankya Viv :) Have you been there? I wish there were places like that closer to Sydney!!

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