Jenny & David: In Motion!

A little bit of love story from Fiji!! xx


Emma Sharkey /

Incredible, i simply adore this. Beautiful images, I also love the music. What amazng light!

Luisa Brimble /

aahhhhh full of gorgeousness. when the mum dropped the veil it made me all teary….
oh Trish I love the songs! who sang the last 2 tracks. really would like to add it in my itunes library ha ha ha.

Livon /

cutest vid! it really capture the mood & songs went together really well. you 2 are much too talented :)

Emily /

Very sweet. I got a bit teary around the sunset bits, love that end of day glow. :)

gilly /

amazing :) lovely choice of song :)

Rosa /

This is amazing you have captured all the special moments!!!!

Jenny /

Thank you so much Joel!!! Loved how you managed to have our dance song incorporated in the last part of the video too! Loved it!

ML /

Lovely shots and lovely music for the lovely couple.

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