Chop chop!



A favourite frame from Jesse’s weekend haircut.  We decided to trim those little curls due to numerous “oh my, what a happy girl!!” comments.  There was however a funny moment about ten minutes after the chop when Joel and I looked at each other, and realised that for some reason he looked girlier than he used to, partially due to the resultant mushroom-esque hairdo.  In other Jesse news, I have an almost 8-month old that has suddenly learnt to crawl, and can pull himself up to sit and stand all in the past week.  This proves rather frustrating when he tries to master all these new tricks in his cot when he should otherwise be sleeping. Oh well, my little one is not so little anymore!!  I shot a few snaps on film of him last weekend as well but I’m so impatient to get things developed I’m now considering a polaroid back for my mamiya just for instant gratification ha!  Hope you are all having a beautiful day, a new wedding blog is right round the corner!!  Much love, xo



Joanna /

He is such a cutie!!! :D

PInk Ronnie /

On, this shot is the cutest. I know – when they stand instead of going to sleep…. it’s a whole other ball game!
Ronnie xo

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