Natalie & Marco

Happy Friday everybody!!!  Especially to this stunning couple Natalie & Marco who I know have been eagerly anticipating these photos, and I hope this puts a huge smile on your face as it does for me.  Thank you soooo much for such a lovely, beautiful, and laidback day.  The laughter and buzz at this wedding was so contagious I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time.  We were blessed with such gorgeous Spring light, beautiful souls, and an awesome group of friends and family to celebrate with.  Congratulations N&M!!!!  xoxox



Linda Truong /

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! So elegant and gorgeous! So in love with their invitation!! :)

Erin /

lovely photos as always :)
The little chapel is so sweet and the styling of the who wedding is amazing

Sandra (Simply Peachy) /

This is wonderful Trish! Love the shot of the little girl in nothing but her nappy and fur. Too cute

Kasey /

This is perfection! Where is this reception venue?

gladys /

insane. absolutely insanely talented!

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