Last week’s workshop

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As May drew to a close, Ronnie and I were again in action sharing our skills and passion with a group of wonderful attendees, some of whom took a plane trip just to be with us, and one all the way from Hong Kong!  We were so happy to have you all around and it was lots of fun to hang out and share our experiences together on a warm winter’s day.  No matter how many times we do this workshop, I am always reminded of why we created this in the first place and am encouraged to continue along in this photography and memory keeping journey for myself and my family, and not just for the clients who have asked me to do this for them.  Since the workshop we’ve already designed and ordered another two books to add to the collection for our family so hopefully Ronnie you’ll be proud to hear that haha!

Anyways, a huge thanks to our sponsors for filling up our goodie bags with so much eye candy: Artifact Uprising and Origrami for kick-starting our memory keeping orders, Luke Avenue for these insanely delicious cookiesThe Seventh Duchess and Kettletown for delightful tea samples, White Horse Home for those deliciously scented candles,  An April Idea for sticker sets that re-ignited my childhood love for those pretty thingsBondi Wash for your beautiful native Australian productsand  Blank Goods for your ever brilliant craft supplies. Thanks also to Studio Neon for feeding us all the amazing food and allowing us to use their awesome space, and to Boda Flora for the stunning flowers. Everything came together so beautifully, and we couldn’t have been happier!

Thank you also to the wonderful Walsham family for being models for our live shoot, we certainly had a blast and hope you guys did too.  Much love! xo

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jess /

We did have fun Trish! As we were walking down the stairs Jonty said “Can we do this tomorrow and the next day?” :)

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