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We photographed Natalie and Dan’s wedding late last year and when she dropped us a line to see if we could document and at home session of her and her man at work, we jumped at the chance.  Natalie is one talented lady.  She is the heart and mind behind Natalie Marie Jewellery and her handmade pieces are just perfect.  I’ll let you check it out for yourselves to see what I mean….and do stay tuned for the launch of her new collection coming soon!

What I really loved about this shoot was seeing what handcrafted really means.  For Natalie, it’s definitely not just a word used to make something sound a bit more personal.  Each piece was loving cut, shaped, soldered, polished, set, refined and created (I know that’s probably all out of order), but you get the point.  So much in today’s society just appears out of nowhere, and en masse.  It was so good to see the thoughtful nature of this process in practice, and made me treasure the little piece I purchased for myself even more.

Joel also came by and made a little intro film, check it out here.

Thanks so much for having us around and good luck with the launch of the new collection!

Much love, T&J x

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Ryan /

Really beautiful work. Very intimate, I love it.

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