Ray & Anita


It’s always such a privilege to be able to photograph sweet love, and a little more so when this love has taken a flight in to meet you.  Ray and Anita, thank you so much for spending an afternoon in the brisky Autumn air together with me, and creating these sweet memories.  Every year my mind is always blown by the sheer beauty of the changing season, and this colourful one is definitely a visual favourite.

In other news, our little family will be fleeing this chilly winter soon for warmer times in Singapore, Malaysia and Europe.  We have some lovely families to meet over there, a dear friend’s wedding to photograph, and lots of friends to catch up with!  Can’t wait…..we will hopefully keep this blog updated a little more as a result so stay close.  Much love!! xoxoxo

Cam & Viv {Sweethearts}

CamViv001 CamViv002 CamViv003 CamViv004 CamViv005 CamViv006 CamViv007 CamViv008 CamViv009 CamViv010 CamViv011 CamViv012 CamViv013 CamViv014 CamViv015 CamViv016 CamViv017 CamViv018 CamViv019

Just wanted to share with you this darling couple who organised to be in Sydney for their sweetheart shoot.  Could they be any cuter?  Thanks for being such good company and the best fun to shoot! Happy Friday friends!! xo

Rainy day lovin’

I had an impromptu little shoot lined up a couple of weeks ago with the super talented NZ designer Kelsey Genna.  She had flown over to Sydney with her beautiful friend and amazing florist Yvette Edwards for some back to back editorials to show the world their stunning creations.  When the week was forecast to rain non-stop, there wasn’t much choice but to go with the flow and use the rain like it was made just for us.  So that’s exactly what we did.  Roaming the streets of Surries with these sweethearts, taking shelter in a record store, and pretending we were all warm and cozy with a pit stop at Messina (not like we really needed an excuse) – we ended up having the most enjoyable morning, torrential rain and all.

Thank you for having me on board for this Kelsey and Yvette, absolutely love your work and look forward to visiting New Zealand again in the not to far off future (pssst.  dear universe, I would love you if you made that happen)!  This shoot also triggered a huge love for poppies, so now I can tell people what my favourite flower is when they ask.  Happy Friday everyone! xo