Baby Taius

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Spending mornings with sleepy newborns is fast becoming a favourite of mine.  Their tiny perfection is so evident of our genius Creator and the love that surrounds them is undeniable.  So thankful I get to call this a job, and so happy I got to meet this little guy in all his newness!  Much love Amy & Troy! xo

Captain Samuel

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Samuel is a six-year-old from Queensland who is currently undergoing treatment for a tumour in his kidneys. Thanks to the many volunteers that represent Make-a-Wish Australia and QANTAS Foundation, his wish to become a pilot came true for a memorable day where he and his family flew to Sydney where Sam flew his first flight (in the simulator) from Sydney to Honolulu. It was a fantastic day and I felt so privileged to be surrounded by generous and warm-spirited people.

For most of the day, Captain Samuel was treated like a VIP. Just like you’d imagine, he walked through Sydney airport with some fanfare, flanked by his team of co-pilots and air stewardesses. As part of the tour, we travelled on a bus to see the gigantic A380. Our bus, full with Samuel’s team and a few of the media crew, pulls up to the gates of the hangar. A security guard boards our bus to check that each of us have our security passes. Excitedly someone announces “We’re here with Captain Samuel!”. The security guard didn’t get the memo about Captain Samuel and called his supervisor, given we didn’t quite have all the required documents. A few moments later, his supervisor arrives and verifies that everything is ok. The security guard apologises for the hold up and immediately one of the air stewardesses says, very sincerely, “No, thank you for doing a really good job.” Of all the moments I witnessed in a day filled with sincerity and respect for one another, that’s one that stuck with me.

Andy, Sonia & Jayden {Bump}

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A blissful afternoon with the darling Sonia, Andy, and their beautiful baby bump Jayden.  We talked all things baby and life and everything in between, and little did we all realise how soon everything would change…thankful to have snapped these just in time!  I know the journey has been very uphill thus far but you both have taken to parenthood so beautifully and that little baby of yours is a very lucky little man in so many ways.  Mama’s sweet serenades and Daddy’s visual storytelling talents not the least of all he has been blessed with.  We pray he grows up to follow in your footsteps and love his Heavenly Father as you both do.  Looking forward to when he is big enough for our boys to come and play without breaking him ;) xoxooxo

twenty thirteen

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So here it is – a slice of the year that was, the team effort of 2013.  This exercise must be one of the hardest there is to do, reviewing images taken over the last twelve months and trying to select the handful (or rather large handful in this case) that tells the story of how we spent our days and our nights.  There is a peace that also comes with looking back in this way, ever grateful for the joy that is our work, and seeing the threads of life and love that have been sewn.  Falling in love, celebrating commitment, cherishing that time of ‘just the two of us but almost three’, embracing what it means to be a family, peeking in at those who have made their passion their life, and being filled with a hope and excitement for so many of these relationships which mark a new chapter in life.  A beginning of sorts, like the new year that has dawned upon us.

Most of all, we share this post to say a huge thank you to those who have invited us in to document these moments in their lives.  We know this industry is flooded with choice and talent, and continue to be humbled as we receive enquiries and bookings which often turn into sweet relationships as the years go on.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Much love, and a happy new year!! xo


A very big thank you!



Last October, the superlady Ronnie and I hosted our second LIFE:CAPTURED Workshop.  Filled with a room of eager students of all ages, we were privileged to share the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the years and were really encouraged by the wonderful people who attended.  We also apologise for this late thank you post, but the flip side is that we will have a bit of a feature in the next Fete magazine covering the workshop so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Big thank you to the following sponsors who all helped to make this day possible (from top, left to right), you are all stars!

  • The ever aesthetic RDFL Studio space and Aaron from Studio Neon who accommodated and kept us well fed all day;
  •  Artifact Uprising for our beautifully printed soft cover books, and 10% discount on orders for our attendees;
  • The lovely Leanne from Sweet Style who provided us the cutest little bottles of chocolate bean energy;
  • Karleigh from Badger and Chirp who sent us these gorgeous textured notebooks;
  • Juni from Hejjuni for helping get our little thank-you messages across in style;
  • Silvie from Mira Flores Flower for the stunning florals that she provided for our space (we absolutely adored the mock orange!);
  • The fine folk at Origrami who have been sprucing up the walls of instagrammers in Sydney and all over the world;
  • Fete Press for the perfect magazine to unwind to with a cup of tea; and
  • Bianca Cash a wonderfully talented Melbournite who gifted us packs of prints with an inspiring thought to ponder.

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce that we will be holding our one and only LIFE:CAPTURED workshop for 2014 on Friday, May 30. The investment for this full-day (9am to 6pm) workshop is $575 and includes workshop materials, design templates, photo book discounts, a goodie bag, and catered meals on the day. We have already started to accept registrations for this class, so if you would like to secure a spot, please email us at

Hope to see you there! xo