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Everytime I have the chance to photograph a mama to be I just marvel at the beauty of it all.  One thing that reminds me everyday that there is a Creator is the sheer amazingness of a child being brought into the world. It makes me marvel even more as I see my two little ones grow up, learning new things every day and making me look at life so differently simply because they exist.  Hazel and Danny, thank you so much for asking me to document this time in your life…wishing you all the very best for a smooth delivery and a beauty in your arms oh so very soon.  Much love! xo

The Pobkes

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Loving these little road trips we have been on with our little family.  This time we headed over to Canberra after a weekend in the Southern Highlands to visit the ever awesome Pobkes.  It’s been so much fun to catch up with this little family whenever we can, watching our little ones get bigger and bigger each time, and finally be able to interact a little more on this trip.  There was much hand holding, stolen kisses, and adventuring to be had….as could be witnessed via our instagram feeds (#babyengagementsession hahah!). This particular morning was a particular lovely spring day, Joel had taken the boys to Questacon so I could have a morning to photograph and so I did.  I love these kind of documentary sessions, enjoying a slow wakeup to sleepy mummy and daddy voices reading and singing to Pippa as she bounced all over their bed, breakfast routine and a sneaky morning bath before getting ready for some sunshine and play outdoors.  Parenting is never always easy, but it’s such a joy to be able step back a bit, forgetting what the world tells us we should do and how we should look and act, and to just enjoy the blessing in the child that tugs at your hand and wants your love, needing you simply because you are you.  It’s a gift to be able to capture that, in all it’s honesty when you are invited into someone’s home, and I am very thankful to be able to do that.  For a sweet little slideshow version of these piccies, please click here and enjoy!

Christine and Clinton, thank YOU so much for being such amazing and generous hosts, and for growing your little family to include us within it for a few days.  We all loved hanging out with you and visiting the unexpected wonderfulness that is Canberra, thanks for taking us round and showing us the sights!  I think we might be back sooner than expected….Questacon is calling!  Happy Monday friends, hope you all have a great start to the week.  Much love! xoxoxox


The road is home…

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The winter that just passed was a winter of quiet content.  We didn’t try to get ourselves to the other side of the world as we would usually do in an off-season, and instead happily spent the days and weeks visiting friends new and old, near and far, and making memories as a family.  The family you see pictured above is one whose journey I, and many others have followed in recent years through the soul-baring words and imagery from the road is home.  Nirrimi and Matt have an amazing story and are incredible photographers in their own right, but more than that, sharers of life and change makers in a way that stirred something in me.  After reading one of Nirrimi’s thoughts on life and motherhood one night echoing so much of what I could relate to, I impulsively sent her a message asking if we could come and visit and in all honesty couldn’t quite believe that I received a reply.

Our paths ended up crossing a couple of months later and I am so glad they did.  We shared a little bit of life together, talking in front of a friendly fire, learning more about their dreams and hopes, and being inspired by the way they live their lives.  Watching our little ones play together was also very sweet….Jesse ever so noisy and Alba such a thoughtful soul.  Our little Luke was content to just look on.

The images above are a few that I took on film as a tiny little thank you to their family for opening up their hearts and home to strangers like us.  Nirrimi, Matt and Alba – thank you so much for your amazing hospitality and kindness.  I love how much you have shared your lives to inspire others, that your dreams are big and from the heart,  and how the only thing that really, truly matters is the love between each of you that is your one true home.  Thank you for inspiring my family more than you know.  Much love!



LeslieMaternity021 LeslieMaternity024 XavierFilm029 LeslieMaternity029

Mamas are such beautiful beings.  So much love for this beauty and her little bump who was born the next day.  xo


LIFE: Captured {new workshop date….and a giveaway!}


“Trish and Ronnie, thank you for combining your talents, your energy & for filling this workshop niche. Your entire workshop was a friendly breath of fresh air, rich with creative energy & inspiration. I felt completely at ease & welcomed as an individual into your creative classroom.

You are both clearly passionate about your careers, your many skills, your beautiful families & your desire to share your diverse knowledge.  It has been a privilege to spend a day with you both…Twas like you created a workshop to for fill my personal wish list…never have I walked away feeling so energised, inspired, & catered for as a creative individual. I now have a deep desire to take my personal photography into the truly valued & treasured space it deserves. For me. For my family. For generations to come.” – Anna Todd


As you can probably tell from my last blog post, we have been so stoked with the feedback from our first workshop that we are ready to do it again in a couple of months! I was not sure where things would go from here but after being able to teach that day with our hearts and hands, and to see a room so inspired, we honestly just wanted to keep this good thing going and we hope you’d like to join us on the journey.



LIFE:CAPTURED is an intensive memory keeping and photography workshop dreamed up by Ronnie (from Pink Ronnie blog) and I.  Together, we believe in photography that’s real and honest, and memory keeping that’s simple, beautiful, and tangible. Through this workshop, we hope to equip others with the both the skills and resources to document their lives in this way.  Our aim is to teach both the technical and emotional aspects of documentary photography, right through to editing, photo organisation, photo book design and layout, Project Life albums, journalling, memory keeping systems, and general organisation of memorabilia.  We will cover the fundamentals of using Lightroom for photo editing and digital file management, and Adobe InDesign for design layouts.  As part of the full-day workshop, we will include a live photo shoot, a design project, and time for Q&A.

For further insight into the day, please have a peek over at my blog recap of our most recent workshop here.


If you would like to take you DSLR camera off the auto mode,  if you are overwhelmed by all the photos you have but don’t know what to do with, if you would like to learn how to create beautiful keepsakes that are timeless and tangible, if you would like to design your own photo books, if you are looking for a system for your memory-keeping that you can keep up with – then this workshop is for you.


Our next workshop will be held from 9am-6pm on Wednesday 23 October at RAW Space in Waterloo, Sydney.


The investment for this full-day workshop is $595 and includes workshop materials, design templates, print discounts and a goodie bag, as well as being fed by the awesome folks at Studio Neon throughout the day. A 20% deposit ($119) will be required to secure your spot, with the balance of fees due on October 1, 2013.  We are also offering a 10% EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT applicable to all bookings made prior to and including September 9, 2013 (this discount will be deducted from the balance payment).


In order for us to give the time and attention we need to each of you, we are limiting places to 20 attendees.  To secure your spot, email with your full name and your paypal email address, and we will send through an invoice with a link to an online payment.


We are holding an INSTAGRAM GIVEWAWAY for one place at our workshop by following these simple steps!


1.  Share the image above on Instagram.

2.  Instagram your favourite printed memory (an old photo, frame, or album page) telling us why it’s special to you. Tag your post with #lifecapturedworkshop and @tealily @pinkronnie so we know you are in the running.

This competition is a game of skill and the winner will be chosen based on the most meaningful and/or interesting entry.  Prize is not redeemable for cash however can be gifted to a loved one should you want to enter on their behalf.  Competition closes at 9pm EST on September 12, 2013 and the winner will be announced via instagram and facebook on September 13, 2013.  Note that a full refund of the cost of the workshop will be given should the winner have already made payment for the workshop to secure a spot.

GOOD LUCK and hope to see you there!