Photo-A-Day 2014 // Day thirty one


This is us.  We have so many dreams for us.  But most of all that we may journey together as a family, side by side, with Jesus as our source and goal.  Even in these moments of bliss and immense gratitude, we are reminded of the transient nature of this world and it is our prayer that these boys of ours find this faith we ourselves cling onto.  So this brings us to the end of January and co-incidentally the beginning of a new lunar year – looking forward to every day to follow, much to learn, more to love.  Thank you for being a part of it. xoxox

“Fair are the flowers, fair are the children
Beautiful in all their youth
Yet is their beauty, fading and fleeting
Lord Jesus yours will never fade…”

~ Fairest Lord Jesus, Garage Hymnal

Photo-A-Day 2014 // Day thirty


Knowing how much we have also means knowing how much there is to lose.  They both cried a little with the skin pricks at the allergist today and Jesse whimpered for me to ‘blow it away mama!’ when I tried to blow on his arm to cool down the sting factor.  After a couple of cashew nut incidences, we found out he has a severe anaphylactic reaction to them and now have a script to arm ourselves with some epipens.  Hopefully we never need to use them.  So intriguing, yet disturbing, this growing world of allergies.


Photo-A-Day 2014 // Day twenty nine


Our post bath routine.  Two little sausages rolled up to keep warm while we lay them side by side, play a silly game of peekaboo to dry their hair, and steal lots of fresh cuddles to breathe them all in.  Seriously, little people were made to be wrapped head to toe in soft fluffy material, don’t you think?

Photo-A-Day 2014 // Day twenty seven


One of those days.  They found their way into a tube of sunscreen…..not to mention baby oil used as a water gun, wet beds, cupboards turned inside out, sinks overflowing with dishes, food squished into the floor, drawers upturned, six number twos (like, seriously??!)…and a sick daddy.  Sigh!  But then I look at this photo just twelve hours later and it makes me smile and I feel like cuddling up with them.  They don’t call this journey crazy for nothing! xoxoxooxoxo