Candise & Troy

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Backtracking a little to the first wedding we shot this year.  A wonderful start to the season with this laid-back couple, tightly embraced by their family and friends, and a love that already journeyed through much.  It was such a fun celebration and we were thankful to be a part of it. This wedding was also featured this week on The Lane.  

Tammy & Yosuke

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I don’t quite have the words for this wedding.  Being able to photograph the wedding of dear friends you have known for years is truly something special.  Not to mention to creative forces that these two are and their intent on hosting such a laid-back, sincere affair that perfectly reflected who they are as individuals and as a couple.  Thank you so much for having us, for spoiling us, and for making it an adventure like the way you guys see life.  Much love for the next chapter in the story of Tammy and Yos!  Love you!!! xoxoxo

Kate & Greg

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Book lovers, self confessed nerds and high school sweethearts.  These two tied the knot in the fairytale venue that was Bendooley Estate and we couldn’t have been happier to witness the occasion and be part of their extended family for a day.  So many funny stories are told when your parents were teachers at the school you fell in love, when all your friends seem to have known you for forever, and when the love you share is something totally worth throwing a party about xo

Aleks & Shannon

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It’s funny how a simple little coffee goes such a long way.  From the days of driving into the mountains for fun little play shoots, last minute little photo and floral exchanges, and keeping in touch as we refer each other many a bride along the way, Aleks has to be one of the most joyous, sincere people I’ve met in this busy industry.  I love that girl to bits and can’t thank her enough for having me document this special afternoon as she exchanged promises of forever and became Mrs Keast.  And what a beautiful celebration it was.

Venue: The Boathouse, Palm Beach / Florals: Mr Cook / Styling: Oscar & Ruby / Makeup: Makeup by Megan / Hair:  Michelle Dube / Gown: Toni Maticevski / Celebrant: Jessie Cachillo / Invitations & Handwriting: Aleksandra / Pops: Liana Raine / Balloons:  Bespoke Balloonery

twenty thirteen

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So here it is – a slice of the year that was, the team effort of 2013.  This exercise must be one of the hardest there is to do, reviewing images taken over the last twelve months and trying to select the handful (or rather large handful in this case) that tells the story of how we spent our days and our nights.  There is a peace that also comes with looking back in this way, ever grateful for the joy that is our work, and seeing the threads of life and love that have been sewn.  Falling in love, celebrating commitment, cherishing that time of ‘just the two of us but almost three’, embracing what it means to be a family, peeking in at those who have made their passion their life, and being filled with a hope and excitement for so many of these relationships which mark a new chapter in life.  A beginning of sorts, like the new year that has dawned upon us.

Most of all, we share this post to say a huge thank you to those who have invited us in to document these moments in their lives.  We know this industry is flooded with choice and talent, and continue to be humbled as we receive enquiries and bookings which often turn into sweet relationships as the years go on.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Much love, and a happy new year!! xo