Over the years we’ve been honoured to photograph some of the most treasured moments in people’s lives. As we began our own journey of parenthood, our passion for documenting the everyday has only grown. But it’s all of the mums and dads in the world who are the real part of the every day – so we strongly believe in empowering mums and dads to be their own family photographer.

In 2012, we connected with Ronnie on a realisation of how much each passing moment leaves behind as we travel through this world at the speed we now do. Passionate about memory-keeping for ourselves, we wanted to share this with others who may not have the same skills and experience as we do to make the whole journey enjoyable and easy to do. We both have a love for the tangible and want to teach others that it isn’t really too hard to make beautiful keepsakes that they, and their loved ones, would treasure dearly now and in the years to come.

So now, as part of Life:Captured Inc. we offer courses for photography, memory keeping and design. Head over to the website for updates for the latest workshops and online classes.