You, Me & The Sea

The crisp air and sunny skies of late have me yearning to be back near the ocean.  There’s something so clarifying and grounding about being out in the salty air and the crashing waves.  It’s like you breathe a little deeper simply because, and all the tension melts away.

I loved hanging out with Hazel and her sweet family earlier this year. It’s been a long time between blog posts but I’ve put together a bit of a line up and this first one definitely makes me smile. Palm Beach to greet the sun on a sunny day with those that you love.  Can’t get much better than that. xo

Guess how much I love you…?


Looking back over these images, I realise just how lucky I have been to be a part of them on the other side of the lens.  So many of these beautiful frames represent families that have grown from two to three or three to four, and I have had the joy of being invited back to capture it all.  Kind of nostalgic and wonderful all at once thinking about how time has flown in the past almost-decade that I have been a photographer, and how life has evolved because of and around it all.

My littlest is 9 months now and it really seems faster than the other two.  I gave myself a really solid 6 months of minimal work just to enjoy her littleness and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind since then but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.  Borrowing from the words of one of Joel and my favourite songs…..”time is a thief I would rob”.  But we cherish what we have in the here and now, and I hope you do too.

If you would like some images for your own family documented, it’s pretty much my favourite thing to do right now (and the light is amazing at this time of the year) so please drop me a line, and let’s chat!

Much love!! xo

Baby Lawrence

Fell in love with this sweet little family as soon as I met them at their little beachside abode that summer’s day.  Those little looks, the sweet caresses, and all the joys of a beautiful new bundle of life in their capable hands.  Little Lawrence, you are so loved xo

Margarita & Yang

So much to love about this wedding headed up by our lead lady Renata.  There was a joy that resonated from deep within and came through with smiles that never left all day and all night.  What a beautiful celebration to be part of.  Thank you so much for having us Margarita and Yang.  You two are going to have such a wonderful adventure as Mr and Mrs, seeing those smiles each morning would be the best start to anyone’s day!! xo

The Donnelly Family

This gorgeous family were holidaying in Sydney and we rescheduled their shoot to New Years Day because little J was sick on the day we had first planned.  I was warned that these fun-loving parents may have only had two hours sleep from the night before and were possibly nursing hangovers yet somehow, it seemed to be the winning combination.  A couple of hours of laid-back parenting, backyard water fights, and summer fruit indulgence later…and I had these can’t-help-but-smile-right-back set of images for their memory banks and I couldn’t have been happier.  You guys rock x