Mama love

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Because everyday I wake up a little too late, get a little too grumpy, and fail a little too often at being a mum.  Yet I fall asleep with the utmost gratitude in my heart for the blessings I have been given, for these beautiful little growing hearts and minds that still have so much to learn, and so much to be taught.  I can’t get enough of their smiles and cuddles, and the knowledge that for them, nothing else compares to their mama.

I’m so thankful for the family sessions I get to do, for the other mamas I am able to connect with, and for the stories that can be told that I know will only grow ever more precious with time.  For all the mamas out there, don’t ever forget, you are so very loved xo

Danny & Emily

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There’s a special sort of happiness you feel when you have the privilege of photographing a friend’s wedding and this one was no exception.  Thank you Danny and Emily for having us around and including us in your incredible celebrations complete with Messina and fireworks!  We can’t wait to see what the journey ahead holds for you both, and pray it is full of love and beauty in the years and decades ahead.  Much love!!!


Em’s gown/ evening gown: George Elsissa

Danny’s suit: P. Johnson

Florals: Aleksandra

Styling: ashdown & bee

Ceremony: Royal Botanic Gardens

Reception: Sydney Opera House Marquee

Hesh & Smruthi



What do you do when life gives you lemons?

Hesh and Smruthi are definitely two of a kind.  Instead of a regular first look before their wedding ceremony and reception, they requested that we take a little fun session of them and their bridal party around the theme of lemons.  With good humour and the most beautiful, colourful attire, we really couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous party who styled every little detail themselves.  Hope you enjoy these favourite frames from our session as much as we do!

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Alice & Videl

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First up, my apologies for taking so, so very long to brush off the dust on this blog.  The past few weeks/months have been all sorts of wonderful and energy-sapping at the same time.  For me, this third little baby of ours definitely intends to make her presence known, and in between first trimester sickness being double the intensity of what I remember (and lasting well into the second), and two little mischievous boys that have passed their fair share of sniffles and viruses my way, I’m really looking forward to feeling 100% again sometime soon!  Luckily enough, my little one managed to get a place in the same daycare as his brother and Mondays are now blissfully quiet and a lot more productive which hopefully means I can get this little virtual space back on track too.

Alice and Videl’s wedding was honestly all kinds of beautiful.  Seriously, check out those smiles.  With the glorious sunshine coming out in full force to check out this gorgeous couple, we had a blast snapping their heartwarming first look in what felt like a secret garden, followed by their ceremony and reception both held at the delicious Biota Dining.  I particularly loved both of Alice’s dresses and that jewelled headpiece she chose, as well as the gorgeous styling of gumnuts, woods, and ferns which adorned the bridal table.  Perfection!


January Photo A Day 2015 // Day Thirty-One


Truth be told I didn’t take a photo today, the last day of all days. I was out working at a wedding I ended up staying back late for and I missed my goodnight to these two. So I’ll borrow an older frame from a week or so ago.

These two can drive me crazy in a short minute, but I miss them almost immediately when they’re not around. Funny that. The best bit about heading out to work is coming home. Home into the arms of my boys, their soft little kisses and big squeezes and just enjoying our togetherness. My home. My heart xo