Kristin & Tony {Sweethearts}


One of those blissful afternoons that we didn’t want to end.  There’s something magical about being out at sunset with your lover, with our beautiful australian landscape as far as the eye can see.  Looking forward to celebrating when these two get hitched! x

Gabi & Josh

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I’d been looking forward to this wedding ever since we met over a beautiful sunrise session one morning quite a few months ago.  These two were so laid-back with a permanent smile on their face and so very much in love.  Suffice to say their wedding was the perfect celebration of this beautiful relationship…and included a five tier cake made by none other than the Gabi herself. Not to mention all the handmade signage, a hand painted globe guestbook, and individual calligraphy place cards and notes gifted to each guest.  It was truly such a huge effort and did not go unnoticed (nor did her breathtaking Anna Campbell gown in the most perfect shade of blush!)

Gabi and Josh, thank you so much for choosing us to capture your love, laughter and amazingness all round.  We were honoured to be there and wish you all the very best on the next chapter of your lives.  Wishing you all the love in the world xo.


Mama love

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Because everyday I wake up a little too late, get a little too grumpy, and fail a little too often at being a mum.  Yet I fall asleep with the utmost gratitude in my heart for the blessings I have been given, for these beautiful little growing hearts and minds that still have so much to learn, and so much to be taught.  I can’t get enough of their smiles and cuddles, and the knowledge that for them, nothing else compares to their mama.

I’m so thankful for the family sessions I get to do, for the other mamas I am able to connect with, and for the stories that can be told that I know will only grow ever more precious with time.  For all the mamas out there, don’t ever forget, you are so very loved xo

Danny & Emily

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There’s a special sort of happiness you feel when you have the privilege of photographing a friend’s wedding and this one was no exception.  Thank you Danny and Emily for having us around and including us in your incredible celebrations complete with Messina and fireworks!  We can’t wait to see what the journey ahead holds for you both, and pray it is full of love and beauty in the years and decades ahead.  Much love!!!


Em’s gown/ evening gown: George Elsissa

Danny’s suit: P. Johnson

Florals: Aleksandra

Styling: ashdown & bee

Ceremony: Royal Botanic Gardens

Reception: Sydney Opera House Marquee